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home information packsNew 2018 Regs.

The minimum energy efficiency standard has been set up at en 'E' EPC rating.

The regulations will apply From 1st April 2018 upon the granting of:

  1. A lease to a new tenant
  2. A lease to an existing tenant

As a backstop from April 2023, the new regulations will apply to all privately rented property in scope of the regulations, including where a lease is already in place and the property is occupied by a tenant.

Where a tenancy is granted in circumstances, such as by operation of the law, the landlord will have six months from the date they became the landlord under that tenancy in order to comply with the regulations.

Similarly, where a non-compliant property occupied by a tenant is sold, or is transferred to a lender in the case of receivership, the new landlord will have six months to improve the property, or seek to demonstrate an exemption applies.

Landlords will be eligible for an exemption from reaching a minimum standard where they can evidence that one of the following applies:

  1. The measures are not cost-effective, either within a seven year payback, or under the Green Deal's Golden Rule.
  2. Despite reasonable efforts, the landlord cannot obtain necessary consents to install the required energy efficiency improvements, including from tenants, lenders and superior landlords.
  3. A relevant suitably qualified expert provides written advice that the measures will reduce a property's value by 5% or more, or that wall insulation required to improve the property will damage the property.
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