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frequently asked questionsFrequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions which are frequently asked and more easily answered. Many others are answered in the relevant pages on the web site which have various links to assist you. If you have any other relevant questions please send them through the ‘contact us’ page and we will do our utmost to respond.

Q. How long will the survey take?

A) This will depend on the property. A Domestic EPC can take as little as 30 minutes but it does depend on size and type of property. Commercial properties will of course take much longer due to their complexity. An indication of how much time will be needed will be given at the time of arranging the site visit.

Q. Will I need to be present when the surveyor arrives?

A) It can be beneficial if you are present at the time of inspection as we may need to ask a few simple questions. If this is not possible we should be able to discuss the relevant information when booking the appointment and confirm any necessary details afterwards. It is however important to note that all energy assessments are based on a viewed only none invasive visual inspection of the property. If you have evidence of any aspect that will affect the rating which cannot be viewed, you must provide this by the time of the inspection.

Q. What is included in the Energy Performance Certificate?

A) The Domestic Certificate will look broadly similar to a certificate on a refrigerator. Its purpose is to record in a clear unambiguous format, how energy efficient the home is as a building. Using colour charts, the EPC records the current rating and compares this with potential rating at which the owner should aim. The Commercial Certificate although having a coloured chart is somewhat different and is accompanied by a separate Recommendations Report and focuses more on carbon emissions.

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